Organization Policy

Updated March 2012

  1. A PTO's school principal must endorse participation in
  2. A school's PTO Board is required to maintain an active Communication Committee
    1. This committee is charged with the routine maintenance of information delivered through the website and its associated communication services.
    2. Members of the communication committee will insure that information posted is legible, timely, correct, and reliable.
    3. Members of the communication committee must designate at least one individual as their "School PTO Webmaster" with the additional responsibilities of:
      • assisting the PTO and school with electronic communications
      • attending workshop training sessions run by the "District PTO Webmaster"
      • keeping in regular email contact with the "District PTO Webmaster"
      • participation as a "list manger" on the Buzzable communications service
  3. The Communication Committee in most schools also includes one or more individuals that
    1. issue PTO Newsletters
    2. update the school sign
    3. creates the School Directory
    4. issues the PTO meeting agenda and minutes